Anyone got the new Myford

--Curious to know if any listees are whittling with the new, improved Myford lathe. Any reviews around? --Oh, and does anyone know what a used Super 7 B with tooling might cost these days? TIA,

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If I could afford one of the new ones, I'd buy a nice Hardinge with tooling, instead.

I see Myford S7's in various states of nick priced from $500 on up to very near the new price. Location, timing, and the sellers motivation have all been pricing factors.

If you have the means to bring one in from the UK, you could probably do quite alright, unless you get lucky.

I see the odd one listed in the buy-sell at around $2500 CDN. No idea on condition though, so could be a bargain, or a pipe dream.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

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