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Sydney, Australia {:-)

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The first question is "which country?" Accordding to his e-mail address, he is in OZ (Australia). Then it *might* be that it is a term used countrywide. I'll admit that I never heard it before this thread, here in the USA.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

This is a hitch mounted hoist, I read a favorable review in a 4x4 magazine. Usually used with pickup trucks, but can be used with vans, see the website below.

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The ramp is another option, could be homebuilt.

But for loads in the 50 kg - 110 lb range, I favor what is called a team lift. In other words, two people pick it up. That keeps the weight down to what each person can reasonably handle. If I have something too heavy for me to comfortably pick up by myself, I ask a neighbor to help me. Many hands make light work.

I am also amazed that a company would sell 50 kg bags, and then create a rule that it is unsafe for employees to pick them up! So it is safe for homeowners and others to lift something, but not their own employees? What a double standard. Find another company, preferably one that sells

25 kg bags. The local Home depot store sells concrete in two bag sizes, one almost 50 kg, the other closer to 25 kg. I always buy the smaller bag.


Terry Coll> I am looking for suggestions as to something I can fabricate to load and

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