arrgh - forte agent issue

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A heads up. There is a "Y2K" problem for agent users. Seems
that Forte hard coded after the expire date count for filters in such
a way as any filter due to expire on or after 6 June 2017, expire
"today". Be that "expire after N days" or Expire after N days of
There are work arounds for version 8, 7 5 and 4,
(ie. Find offset 003D5AB0:
003D5AB0: C6 45 FC 02 6A 01 6A 01 68 CB 07 00 00 8D 8D 34
and change the CB to E1." )
but none for 3.3. (It works and I saw no reason to upgrade to improve
what I don't really want fixed anyway.)
Which means that some geek with more skillz, and or time on his
hands than I, does the same sort of work on 3.3 and post the results,
or I gets to upgrades _or_ change news readers.
the "link" for more details is
Subject: Agent filter expiry problem - Fix
New and Improved - ain't.
I'm having so much fun with "improved computer experiences" it is
just about all I can do to keep my lunch down.
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