Atlas Horizontal Mill Opinions

This Atlas horizontal mill has shown up a few times lately
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wants $1250, looks like tooling is extra. Sounds expensive to me.
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Hey Roy,
$1250 !!!!!!!!!!! US dollars???? Expect to see it listed lots of times then.
I sold one in PERFECT condition with accessories about 5 years ago and was happy to get $650 Canadian.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson
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Guy wants $1250, looks like tooling is extra. Sounds expensive to me.
Half of that would be more like it, unless it had some of the extras such as dividing head, index centers, rotary table, etc. And, for that price I'd expect at least one full-length arbor and a vise - neither of which it appears to have.
John Martin
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John Martin
Too much! I'd expect to get any extra arbors with it for about 1/2 of that price. Note that you'll need a lot of special tooling to decently utilize a horizontal mill and few of them will work with other machines.
Unless you really NEED a horizontl mill, at that price (or a little more), you could get a used Bridgeport J head.
Pete Stanaitis --------------------------
RoyJ wrote:
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