B`port power feed gear box

I have a 1960 J head Bridgeport I`m working on and have a question.
Has anyone taken apart the power feed gear box for the table? I have a
drawing that I got from someone in this group but before I go any
further I would like to know if there are any hints or suggestions
about taking it apart. All the gears seem to be ok, but some of the
bearings seem a little rough. Not completely shot, but while I`m going
over the machine I`d like to take care of it. Are there any steps to
taking it apart, or a sequence to it? Any help or ideas would be
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Craig Suslosky
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First off, you need to see if it is a 'Servo' brand or a 'Bridgeport' brand. But neither one is terribly compliated.
Craig Suslosky wrote:
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Roy J

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