Back After Ten Years (or so)

Last followed this group via usenet 10 or so years ago and have just rediscovered it via Google Groups. Two things immediately noted:

"Gunner" seems to be gone.

It's still infested by BDRs (I guess some things never change :()

Too bad really - the on topic posts were (are?) v useful...

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Laf Fal
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Laf Fal fired this volley in news:

Hmmm... you must not have gone TOO far back in the group history, since Gunner posted some things in the last week, or so.

The single most-destructive thing to intelligent discourse here is that our community mental-defective, Jon Banquer, is still here, although he tells the world that ANYONE who EVER uses the USENETS is a total loser!

Almost everyone except a few users who like to argue with him have plonked him completely, and you'd be well-advised to do so the first time you see him post or respond. Those few keep rehashing his stupidity, and he even answers his own posts under a couple of pseudonyms, so we still have to endure some of it.


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

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