Bandsawing stock round in vertical?

While my Jet 5x6 cuts very well crosswise, it doesn't seem to be set up too well to cut on-end. Like to cut a round of 6061 lengthwise in order to make an expanding collet.

However, cutting with the blade in the vertical position results in damn little help advancing the workpiece into the blade. When the bandsaw is horizontal, the weight of the bandsaw puts some moxie into the cut.

Can I hold a piece of round stock vertically in order to slit it lengthwise? How?

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Louis Ohland
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Pretty difficult to get any kind of a straight cut that way. This is where you use a milling machine with a slitting saw.


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How about holding it in a drill press vise which you space outward from the fixed jaw? Then you'll have a better angle. I'd make sure the moving jaw was clamping the round stock, not just the vise, so it won't twist.

I've rigged up a fixture with a separate vise, tee slot clamp kit and IIRC an angle plate that put the blade square across the work at the bottom of the cut.


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Jim Wilkins

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