I need to get some juice for my trolling motor, a Minn Kota 55. Should I go with a deep cycle marine 12, or 2 6v. batteries? I switched to the 6v's on my MH, and it made the batteries last a LOT longer.

What would you do?


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Depends on how you use it. If a 105 or 120 AH 12-volt battery won't get you thru a day's fishing then you need more capacity. If it will, then I'd go with a 12-volt single battery and focus on the charger. I'd focus on the charger in any case.

I've gotten five years of life from each of two sets of deepcycle batteries bought from Fleet Farm for about $65 ea. I run two of them in series to power a 24-volt trolling motor. Keeping them charged while never overcharging is the key to longevity. Many have told me that 3 years is about all one can reasonably expect from a trolling motor battery. That was my experience with run-of-mill chargers and previous boat, but it has not been my experience with this boat. It's my little green boat, a Ranger Fisherman 681VS. Not very fast but it's deep V hull handles choppy MN waters nicely. Mary bought it for me as an inducement to retire sooner than later. Or maybe she just likes to go fishing...

I think the charger in this boat was made by Minn-Kota. I got the boat used 11 years ago so I forget the details. I just plug in the boat and let it do its thing.

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Don Foreman

Golf carts run 5 years on Titans, but only if (as others have said) charging is diligently performed. Keep 'em topped up, keep 'em charged, don't overcharge. Don't let 'em sit without float charge for more than a few hours. /mark

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Mark F

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