Bernzomatic flux coated brazing rod

I found an old white flux coated brass colored brazing rod that can wet
stainless steel, although I had to heat it to bright red and it wasn't very
liquid. The only info I can find on the web says that it's 'nickel silver'. Does
anyone know what the composition is likely to be?
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Mike B
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It is indeed..nickle silver brazing rod
Its a bit pricey when compared to most other brazing rods...but I keep some on hand for difficult braze jobs. I dont buy bernzomatic rod though....
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Its good stuff when you need to join disimilar metals or alloys together
And hot is about right. !700F or there abouts.
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You can find these in the tool area in not only ACE but Tractor Supply, Home Depot and Lowes - and any real hardware / lumber yards.
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Martin Eastburn

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