Birthday Gloat

OK, I treated myself to a ReadyWelder II for my birthday, which is
coming up. Got it yesterday. I ordered the 10000 ADP before I went
back and read Ernie's very informative posts recommending the 10250.
However, I wanted the ability to run from batteries as well (mostly
for theoretical rather than practical considerations). I have a few
farmer friends up here who may have cause to use it in the field,
By the way, if you get ReadyWelder's twin lead quick connects, they
are exactly an Anderson Power Products Type SB175 P/N 6239 G6, only
with the Anderson name removed from the mold. See
formatting link
. I could get
that connector locally for $8.89 instead of Readywelder's $10, so
they're not gouging too badly. On the other hand, Readywelder wanted
$24 for the pigtail, which is a bit steep for 4' of 4 ga., 2 copper
lugs, and the connector. Oh well, I got it anyway because I don't
have the crimp tools. I'll modify the one that came with the kit to
connect to my Miller Dynasty 200 DX, and reserve the spare for farmers
with batteries. I also got the 20' extension.
The next morning after I ordered the welder, a taper attachment for my
Delta 11" showed up on ebay with a "Buy it now", so I had to snag it.
I've seen exactly three in the last four years. Two went too high for
me, one was lost and withdrawn, then finally this one showed up. When
it rains it pours.
Pete Keillor
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Pete Keillor
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Happy, happy! Aren't spoolguns pricey? I just have been going through this. I did find a Miller Spoolmatic 30A for $650 locally, new. Not the greatest deal but it gets me running aluminum!
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