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recent farm auction purchace

150lb Peter Wright anvil excellent shape


I love it when snow falls and hardly anyone else shows. :)

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Hey! Whats going on here? It was $104 over on the blacksmithing newsgroup!!??


Good score!!!!

I paid $78 canadian for a 112 lb PW a few years ago. That was at an auction during nice weather.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

While I say congratulations, I,ve got you beaten by several hundred pounds.

Went to a scrap dealer to find 'art' metal for my wife. At the back of the yard was a giant anvil standing about 3 feet high. The attendant reassured me that everything is $ 0.16 per pound. I told him that I wanted to buy that 'weird' object at the back of the yard. One of the workers pulled it out with a forklift and chain, brought it to the shop and put it on the scale. Exactly 501 pounds. The attendant paused and claimed that he cannot sell that and has to call the boss. I told him a 'deal is a deal'. Anyway, he went into the office, pretended or did call the boss, came back out and told me he cannot sell it for $ 0.16 per pound ($80). I said fine, I'll give you $100. He smiled, took my money and loaded it into my small pickup. To this day I still think that his phone call was a fake and he pocketed the extra $20. Oh, well. Pictures will be posted soon. BTW, this was in San Leandro, CA on Davis Street.

Ivan Vegvary

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Ivan Vegvary

There was a ~500 lb. anvil at back of a former blacksmith's shop turned antique store here in New England. Once a year I would dutifully go in and ask if they'd decided on a price for it. Once a year they tell me they didn't know what it was worth & would not sell it until they could determine the value. Eventually the shop went out of busines & the anvil remained after they left. I played tag with the property owner for 6 months and one day the place was bulldozed. Sadly, I have no idea what happened to that anvil.

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OH! that hurt. sad. reminds me of my anvil story. i hope i haven't already posted this. years ago i was working for a stage scenery guy, he was building scenery for wagner's "das rheingold" (with the "anvil chorus"). the boss needed an anvil, was looking/calling all over, very expensive prices, this kid who worked there said his father had anvilS. one day he brought one in. i do not know whether or not the kid informed his father. the boss bought it from him (at a very low price) and sawed it in two with an abrasive cut off saw and rigged it up so that when the guy in the play whacked it with a hammer it fell apart in two. it made me sick to see that very nice anvil sawed in two for a crappy small town production of this play. hooray for happy anvil rescue stories!


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William Wixon

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