Bluing chromed parts

Is there a chemical method for bluing chromed steel or aluminum? I have
seen color changes when chromed parts such as exhaust pipes are heated,
but in my mind heating does not create very predictable results.
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T.Alan Kraus
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Aluminum can be anodized and dyed black or painted. It can also be plated with another metal that could be blackened by a existing process. That's about it.
There is a commercial process called black chrome see
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I know of no method for direct coloring of existing chrome plate, but I suspect that Brownells Oxynate 84 blacking bath would do it. You could call or email their tech line and ask them.
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R. O'Brian
True, but it's not limited to black. Aluminum that has been properly anodized can be dyed pretty much any color one desires.
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Harold and Susan Vordos
From my limited experience of tempering some steel parts about 16" long in a ceramic kiln at 290C, the colouration should be repeatable and even if the part is clean and the temperature even. The parts I did were all an even blue colour for a spring temper. IIRC the colour change for stainless steel occurs at about 100C more than for steel, might apply to chrome plate also.
T.Alan Kraus wrote:
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David Billington
Steel can have a black chrome plating so I would expect that chromed steel could have additional chrome plated on which would be black. Google on Black chrome.
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