Boring Bar Problems - Resolved

Well, it took a month and a half, but H&H Industrial Products (HHIP)
made good.
As you recall, in mid December 2006 I bought a boring head set which
included a small selection of boring bars. The head worked perfectly,
but the boring bars not at all. The tips were mis-shapen, the final
grind-to-shape step apparently having been omitted. Some of the bars
had far too large a positive rake - the cutting face being far out of
parallel with the flat on the shank.
Actually, the failure to grind the tip to shape probably saved my bacon.
The bar I first used had such a positive rake it could well have gouged
itself into the aluminum and broken off, doing much damage and making it
harder to prove that the problem was not user error. It was dramatic
enough as it was, as the heel dragged and bounced the table and knee
Anyway, after I sent my complaint to HHIP's customer service, they
responded saying that they were looking into it. A few weeks later I
pinged them, and they responded that the factory in Taiwan had not
answered, but all these boring head sets in stock had the same problem.
Another few weeks go by, and I ping them. The response this time is
that the factory still hasn't answered, but they HHIP will resolve the
problem by replacing the bars, and asked if I want a 3/8 shank set, or
3/4 shank. I answer 3/4. Another few weeks pass, and I ping them, and
they respond with an apology (for having been distracted by a trade
show), and promise to send the set the next day. In due time, the set
arrives, and the bars all look fine.
I don't think there are very many people at HHIP, and they are probably
quite busy, so non-squeaking wheels soon slid out of view.
So, it did end well, but did require some polite persistence.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn
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Squeaky wheels get grease. Good job.
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Karl Townsend
the last time I visited Henry's warehouse, he was away - there was a fork lift operator guy and two ladies that manned the office, and that was it - so "lightly staffed" is right - that's one way he keeps his prices down, I presume. but he's a nice guy -try to meet him at trade shows.
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William Noble
Makes sense. They now have one more person, Chris Wood, who seems to handle Customer Support. Perhaps he also runs the forklift truck, but I basically doubt it. My conversations were all with Chris.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn
when I was there, "forklift guy" spoke no english, and no spanish.
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William Noble

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