Boxes of Junk

Remember I posted a while back about my buddy making me take all the boxes
and "drawers" of junk in order to get a vise and table. Well, I am in the
process of rebuilding the Taig, and the lead bearings are bad on atleast one
lead. (I'm just going with stock screws for now because I need to get it
going to make a part.) I found a couple plastic tubes of bearings in those
boxes of junk. The exact same bearings. Ok, not the same manufacturer,
but. The ones coming out of the Taig say China on them, and the ones in the
tubes say Singapore NMB on them. Same part number and they are same size to
less than .001" Probably better, but I didn't think I needed a mic for that.
I have only used the vise a couple times, and I have yet to weld on the
table, but the junk in those drawers and boxes have save me time and money
atleast a dozen times. I can reassemble the Taig tomorrow and be cutting
parts by the end of the day. Woo! Hoo!
I am a little disappointed that the Made in USA (Arizona to specific) Taig
has Chinese bearings in it, but I as cheap as it is for as much work as I
have gotten out of it I guess I can't complain to much.

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