Bridgeport M head Mill for sale

I am not selling this mill. I saw it a couple of weeks ago when visiting relatives, and I am just passing this info on in case someone is interested.

The mill is located on the south side of Rockford, Ill. My brother in law took me over to this guy's house to see it. I didn't need it, since my own mill is a little bigger.

It is a Bridgeport M head vertical mill. I think it has about an 8" by

32" table, but it might even be a 24" table (I shoulda measureed, but----).

Note that the M head has a #2 morse taper spindle, not an R8.

It comes with some tooling and a real nice vise.

$1000. I didn't turn the cranks, so I don't know about wear.

If you are is really interested, email off-list and I will either give you access to my brother in law, or I can contact him directly and get the owner's name and contact info.

Pete Stanaitis


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