Building Hydraulic power unit

Where would a guy find a manifold block that he could attach a
hydraulic pump, motor, and reservoir to make a DC power unit like a
Fenner or Haldex? I'm looking for one that could be used to make a
double-acting unit.
Andy H.
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Andy H
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I have something that MIGHT work out for you, though I am not sure. It is a Delavad hydraulic globe valve:
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It is free to you, you will only pay shipping plus paypal fees that I will incur on said shipping.
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"Andy H " wrote in message news:
There are all variety of modular valve and regulator bodies that can be stacked to form a "block" of hydraulic functions.
Most any hydraulic shop will have what you need, but usually on the costy side -- they don't often stock the low-end stuff like "Red Lion" (Northern tools) and Prince.
Although Northern Tools carries (mostly) relatively low cost, low quality hydraulic stuff, I can tell you from experience that the less expensive components last just fine if the oil is kept clean, and the service duty cycle is low enough. I use my shop-built 12 ton press roughly seven running hours a week, and it's been perfect for nine years. It was made entirely from Northern components, except for the motor, which is a GE pool pump 2HP job.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
Northern is good. Surplus Center is also good; sometimes they have pretty good prices, sometimes not:
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Steve whose 30 ton forging press doesn't get used nearly as much as Lloyd's, but has about 12 years on it
Lloyd E. Sp>"Andy H " wrote
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Steve Smith
Thanks for the offer Igor, that's mighty nice of you. I decided that putting a pump together myself wasn't worth the effort, and just bought a double-acting unit, so I don't have any use for that valve. Thanks anyway though!
Thanks to the rest of you who replied as well. I got a DA cylinder from Surplus Center a few weeks back, but using it in single acting fashion with my H-frame press as a replacement for the original bottle jack wasn't working the way I had intended. The piston would power up just fine, but the springs that returned the orginal piston in the bottle jack just weren't doing the trick for this new cylinder. Turns out that this cylinder requires about 300lbs of force to overcome the gland friction and return...a force that those springs weren't supplying. All should be well with a DA pump.
As an aside, this cylinder is a 3" bore, 2" rod, with 10" stroke (SC # 9-5556). The rod will move in the pushing direction with as little as 35 PSI from the pump, but returning the cylinder needs at least 45 PSI with no back pressure present. I'm unable to move the rod by hand with both ports open to atmosphere. Do you guys think I might have a bad cylinder?
-- Andy H.
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Andy H
Good idea to buy vs. build. Saves yourself A LOT OF grief.
for obvious reasons.
That's kind of tight, I have a cylinder about your size, and I can move it by hand.
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