I have a Mitutoyo digital caliper that I bought in 1995. It has given me good service all these years but just lately I noticed that it reads about .002 over. The reading is about the same all the way out to the end of the jaws so I know it's not caused by the slide being loose. I know I can pick up a piece of Chinese junk for 10 or 15 bucks but I kinda like this tool. Is there any way I can recalibrate it? Engineman

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Do you *really* like your Mit caliper?

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Clean the jaws, close tight and reset???


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Jim Wilkins

This repair service has been mentioned often, although I haven't had them do any work for me.

They will give you a free quote, according to the info on their website.

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If you have a large gage block (or several) that fills the opening of the jaws, you should be able to determine if the jaws are square, parallel and flat at various points along the beam.

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If it is 0.002" high the full length, it just needs to have the zero re-set.

Typically, for the Mitutoyo which I have, put some paper between the jaws, close the jaws lightly on the paper and pull it out the long way to drag out any dirt and chips, then push the jaws together and find the "set" or "zero" button, press it and hold it for about fifteen seconds to set the absolute mode.

It may vary with the model. Hopefully you still have the manual which came with it?

Read the instructions. It just needs the zero reset, done entirely with the buttons.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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