Can you help me find special labels?

A long time ago I saw a labeling system that I really liked. It was a
semi-hard plastic tape, with adhesive backing. You would use a special
device to emboss (?) letters into it, applying pressure. You would
emboss one letter, then another etc. The tape was extremely sticky and
could stick to almost anything. Because no paint/dye was used, it
could survive very harsh environments.
Any idea where I could find something like this, thanks.
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maybe search Dyma Label Maker
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I think you are looking for:
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Gene Kearns
As others have pointed out, Dymo is the biggest manufacturer of this kind of labeling system. Rotex used to compete with them; no idea whether they're around anymore.
Two things:
1) This is not a good choice if you plan/need to do a lot of labeling at one sitting. It takes a bit of pressure to make the letters well, and fatigue will become a factor more quickly than you may think.
2) The labels do well in some harsh environments, but extreme heat isn't one of them. The first time you really heat up one of these labels--like on the package shelf in your car in July, or something--the characters will fade.
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Bo Williams
I had one, it was a Dymo labeler I think-- google that
Ignoramus27451 wrote:
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Jerry J. Wass
Check to see if they made "table model" embossers you can find used. They've gone mostly to printed laminated tape systems.
I know they used to make stainless steel and aluminum foil tapes, both with and without adhesive. You would emboss it, apply it, and for the ultimate in permanence drill a hole and screw or rivet it in place. Won't take direct abuse too well, but heat is not a problem.
Let me go look... Ahh yes, here they are:
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The #1011 embosser is $250 MSRP (Yikes!) but it has a built in hole punch die for the screw/rivet.
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Bruce L. Bergman

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