Chicago area oil recycling service ?

Back in the day, I only changed oil in my car and my deep fryer. The used vegetable oil went in the garbage and the used motor oil went into a milk jug which the village picked up.

Now I've got used coolant, used lubricating oil for my machines, and used motor oil. Is there a company that will give me a 55 gallon drum, and then pick it up when I call them (ie. not on a weekly or biweekly basis). Does such a company exist? Is there one in the Chicago area?

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Maybe find somebody has a waste oil burning furnace........

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There's an outfit here called January Transport. They may be a national company. Look in the yellow pages under oil for others.

Good Luck

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John L. Weatherly

On Thu, 19 Aug 2004 05:23:43 GMT, "AL" calmly ranted:

Call the lube (LOF) places around you and ask who picks up their used oil. Or look in the Jello Pages for waste oil companies. Some should be nearby.

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Larry Jaques

If I was throwing out vegetable oil in any great quantity I would be seriously looking into a biodiesel setup. Run your car for free. Can't help you with anyone who picks up oil in Chicago though. Sorry.


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Fraser Johnston

Try Safety Kleen. They have a Chicago location, I believe. I know they recycle used oil, solvents, and glycol as they stink up the air around Waterloo Regional International Airport at Breslau ( Ontario) on a regular basis. You may need to transport to their collection facility or pay for pickup of small quantities (less than 200 Gallons)

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