Compressor makeup tanks

Awl --

My latest realization is that you can compensate for low cfm with tank volume, to some extent. Feel free to correct this. :)

What are some good (read: safe *and* free) options for makeup tanks? Propane -- as in BBQ? Oxygen? Acetylene? Others? I see many substantial-sized tanks in the dump that look neither Ox nor acet, thicker than your 5-ft tallish Ox tanks. Iny idear what these are?

One problem I can foresee is finding/making adapters to these tanks, as I'm pretty sure there are no standard plumbing threads, no adapters that I am aware of. How does one attack this problem?

I hesitate to have welding done on a tank, altho I think with piddling 120 psi air in an oxy/acet rated in the 1,000s of psi, mebbe welding "welded couplings" is not so dicey.

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Just acquire an old compressor and use the tank.

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100lb propane tanks are about 25 gal. 4-1/2' tall, 15" diam, more or less. Do the math - is that 25 gal?

Propane are standard: 3/4" NPT.


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Bob Engelhardt

"DrollTroll" wro0te: My latest realization is that you can compensate for low cfm with tank

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Well, yes and no. I'm not correcting this, I am "clarifying" it. Adding tank capacity does not increase the air output of the compressor, so if you use a tool, or combination of tools that exceeds the capacity of the compressor, the average on-time vs. off-time will be the same. What changes is the time you can run until the compressor turns on. But it also proportionately increases the length of time you have to wait for the pressure to come back up. If you choose not to wait, and just let the compressor try to keep up, the larger tanks don't help.

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Leo Lichtman

Correct. Lots..LOTS of them out there.

I have two 80 gallon tanks as secondary air tanks, besides the 120 gallon one under my Quincy.

I used to do a lot of DA sanding and grinding on boats

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I have a large compressor at home. I am planning on attaching an old CO2 tank to mine as a primary tank with a shut-off vale to the big one, so when I fire it up to only fill a tire or blow something off, I don't have to filll the big tank.

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Stupendous Man

Does your big compressor leak?

If you fix the leaks, you have a chance of always having air available.

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The coupler to the reel leaks a little, but I don't often use it between weekends and open the drain occasionally.

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Stupendous Man

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