compressor tank cracks

I have, now 2, 5 hp 80 gallon compressors, first one has leaked for some time, now the motor starts intermittently not starting[appears to not be air related]

Second one was a supposedly a good take out, runs well, might be oily, but it turns out it has a leak in the tank also.

Funny, both of them have a crack in exactly the same place. just off where the compressor mount is welded, compressor end, drive pulley side.

I was going to ask about repairing it, but googled the groups and saw the consensus is that is a bad idea.

Any sources for a tank? These are really good compressor heads[kellog and a wayne], and tanks are pretty generic


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I found a new tank at the local Cummins Tool store. I paid $75 for a

26 gallon Husky brand. Not a great price really, but the tank was new, almost perfect, just bolted on the compressor and motor. They had several at the time. Looked like scatched, paint blemished units.


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For quality, get an ASME rated new replacement tank. Replacement tanks: Surplus Center, Northern, McMaster-Carr, MSC, Grainger, in approximately increasing order of price. (based on historical data, YMMV)


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Grant Erwin

yeah, looks like I could go to the home despot and buy an 80 gallon compressor for a few more bucks. the tanks run over 600 bucks. Course, I could buy a used one, since I've had such good luck with em....

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You might want to check the usual sources.. Craigslist, paper ads etc. for busted oilless compressors for cheap/free. After discarding the oilless pump/motor, the 60 (or possibly 80) gallon ASME tanks are often in very good condition.

Any franken-modified/combined components need to be set up properly to insure safe operation. Be sure not to exceed the safe working pressures (not maximum or test pressure) of the individual components, and be absolutely certain that the safety pop-off is in good working condition, as well as checking that it can vent more CFM than the pump and motor combination can produce (insuring that the pressure can't increase if the motor continues to run).

One other caution about tanks of oilless compressors.. since there is no oil mist/vapors in the pump's exaust, the interior of the tanks will get no oil, but water will accumulate in the tank bottom. Visually inspecting the inside tank bottom surface should be done first.

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Wild Bill

Ive got a 80 gal horizontal on wheels Id be happy to give you. Ingersol Rand IRRC.

Near Bakersfield, California.


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