Cool new product

This look kinda usefull, a guy walked in to my shop yesterday with
one. He was here earlier for me to make a part for his trike. then
came back to show me this thing.
formatting link

formatting link

Cool, but I find my TIG torch can heat things pretty quick too.
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Now that is petty cool!
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Jim Levie
Yes it can -- but an induction heater (not this hand held one, obviously) can apply the heat in a vacuum enclosure or an inert gas enclosure, to prevent oxidation of the workpiece. You can feed enough inert gas with your TIG, but it would not work in a vacuum. :-)
And I didn't see what this one used for power -- it might be easier to get into tight spaces.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
The video on their site,
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is captioned with "corded 110v"
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Steve Ackman
If they could get the price low enough, a lot of folks would buy that.
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