Craftsman socket turning grey

i have a pretty good selection of Craftsman wrenches in one of those big
roll about check and drawer compartments.. been buying the wrenches for
the past 35 yrs... the other day i got out a 10 mm socket to disconnect
the battery clamp on my 96 contour and it looked kinda like a grey
color, not chromed at all, but a dull nickle metal color.. first time i
ever saw this in a craftsman tool.. i think this socket was probably
bought in the last two years or so when i was doing some work on one of
the cars and could not find some little metric sockets so i went to
sears and they had a sale for a 12 piece socket set for a few
dollars.... its not companion, but craftsman..... any ideas why this
happened???? the only thing i remember using it on was a clothes dryer
and then to remove some water pump bolts that could have had some sealer
on the bolts??? and some might have gotten on the socket, and no its not
the sealant still on the socket as i cleaned it off it did get on it...
i needed a 10 mm box/open end wrench to get to the other side of the
bolt on the battery clamp on this contour(not like most other
was kinda tight in this area.. i tried some baby vice grips and that
worked ,but really wanted an open end or box wrench.. i looked an could
not find it in my other tool drawers so i went to sears and found that
the one wrench i wanted was $6.95 and there was a 8 piece set of open
end/box end wrenchs(craftsman) for $9.95.......... it does not pay to
buy just one wrench sometimes.........
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