Craftsman Club member letter from Sears

It is a little old, but likely coming of age! :-)

Seems that Sears is tired of hunting down companies that would make a line of tools for them. Every few years the product line would be changed as the manufacturer would win a new contract.

I suspect they ran out of low end bidders other than overseas. So the Craftsman brand was sold to "Stanley Black & Decker". Might be interesting to watch and see the quality level of different tools in coming years. Will the Craftsman name continue or on a few items.

The broad lines of Stanley Black & Decker should be able to handle the number of products.


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Martin Eastburn
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It is a broad line. It includes Porter Cable, DeWalt, and Delta.

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Ed Huntress

I considered the only virtue of Craftsman hand tools was that if you broke one, they'd replace it no questions asked. They used to be made of better materials than the chinese versions...but that ship has sailed.

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I used to chuckle people who bought tools at estate sales and with the intent of getting 'new ones'.

I always thought if it - better steel and stronger than new shinny ones. And the 'moral' end of it was a bad taste as well.

Mart> >> It is a little old, but likely coming of age! :-)

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Martin Eastburn

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