Looking for older Craftsman combination wrench

I broke a wrench from my friend's set and would like to replace it.
What I want is a 1 1/4" Craftsman combination wrench model E-40618.
Unfortunately the wrench is no longer available from Sears.
Does someone have one they are willing to part with?
I live in western Canada. snipped-for-privacy@shaw.ca
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Can't help with a new wrench but there's got to be a story behind breaking an 1-1/4" wrench! Care to share it with us?
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Hey Jim,
Not exactly, but I have a Craftsman V-43934, which is a double box 12 point, with 1-1/4" box on one end and 1-1/16" box on the other. These wrenches are rarely used open ended, so maybe that would do. If it is to replace a wrench from a "set", sorry!!
Take care. Good Luck.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. N0P 1C0
ps... what happened to break this...they are pretty "healthy" tools!!??
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Brian Lawson
Well!..."broke" needs to be clarified. I sacrificed the wrench to make a crowfoot wrench which I needed "now" at midnight to deal with a coolent supply pipe nut in the back of a MBE900 of a schoolbus. Yes it was a mother to cut, drill and file a 3/8" socket hole but it made a fine crowfoot and the bus was repaired and on the job first thing in the morning. Had it been during the day I would have done things differently. Now I need to replace a borrowed wrench.
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You're no fun! I demanded to be with a friend of mine that returned a broken 3/4" breaker-bar to Sears. The salesman produced a new one but wouldn't let go until my friend confessed to using an 8' pipe on it.
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Tom Gardner
Well your name certainly goes on my list of people that I should never loan tools to.... Wish I could help - - Ken.
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Ken Sterling
The closest that I can find on eBay is auction #4302255713, which claims to be *new*, so it probably is not the same model number. You could try contacting him to ask what number in engraved in it. He's got a buy-now on it of $18.99, and about half that as a starting price.
Feedback is still $100%, FWIW.
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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