Dentist grade inspection camera

Today at the dentist I got to try the inspection camera because I really wanted to see what was going on in my mouth and I have looked at everything and anything from HF to so called hi end inspection cameras.

Virtually anything under $1000 lack automatic focus and the slightest movement makes the image useless - so you get nothing except crap - they tell me.

What the dentist had was definitely high grade with automatic focus etc.

In spite of that the resolution was relatively POOR. No better than if you used high intensity lighting and mirrors to look in your own mouth.

So unless I hear or see something different - my search is over.

Any thoughts?

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RC fired this volley in news:

Even a halfway cheap-assed mirror gives higher resolution than your eye can resolve.

If you meant "magnification", then that's variable, depending upon the lens used. But resolution? Nah... If it was _as_good_ as a mirror, it was DAMNED good; Better than any camera you could just go out and buy downtown (even 10+ megapixel types).


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

We were looking at an enlargement to about 8.5X11. By resolution I mean that edges and details lack sharp edges and clear details including color.

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These seem to be OK for the $30 price. Has anyone bought one yet? Autofocus likely = wide aperture. ;)

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Another one = $40.
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Same one as above = $70 at Searz.

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Larry Jaques

I picked up a Cygnus old-school intra-oral camera. Has a CRT and fiber optic light source. No idea whether the camera is in the head or back in the chassis. The "hose" is big enough for a fiber-optic image transport back to the chassis. May be a vidicon for all I know. Can't figure out how to get it apart. The CRT is bolted to the cabinet in such a way that it looks like you have to remove each one before the other...catch 22. It's working, so didn't want to break it.

Anyway, the light is insanely bright. So the depth of field is reasonable. I have more problems with dynamic range. A gold filling saturates it. I haven't found anything that needs it. Tried to look inside a wall, but the insulation foiled that plot. If you did inspection on circuit boards, it would come in handy. But it's not worth the bench space for infrequent use.

If you don't need the skinny wand with side view, check into a usb microscope. Some of them have tremendous zoom capability and nice images

My dentist has a camera with high resolution images for both visible and X-ray. Probably cost more than my house.

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