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I need to get a couple of dial indicators, primarily for checking the gears in my race cars transmission when rebuilding it. What is a decent brand for the home mechanic?

Thanks Wayne

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Wayne Farrington
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Certainly true.

Not if you buy the name brand stuff on ebay. Don't forget there are a lot of brands besides starrett that mean quality. I tend to search out stuff from Federal, B.C. Ames, or Standard.


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jim rozen

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I've also been very happy with *most* of the import measuring devices, and have certainly gotten more than my moneys worth on most.

I just picked up a DTI on special for $19.99 which is a pretty decent deal. HF also has their dial caliper on sale for $7.50 which is also pretty decent.

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I don't even have second thoughts about paying full price for Federal or Standard, think Standard "has a better idea" with their shockproof movement. Well worth the bucks.

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Lennie the Lurker

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