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I'm wanting a dial indicator for general use in a home workshop - setting up in a small 3.5" lathe etc.

One I'm considering has a resolution of 0.01mm/0.0005" with an accuracy of

0.02mm, For twice the cost I can get 0.003mm accuracy but do I need it?


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Ian Robinson
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No. 0.0005" is all the resolution you need for general lathe and mill work.


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Randal O'Brian

"Ian Robinson" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@karoo.co.uk:

Ian, You can only machine as good as you can measure :) The more precise your measuring equipment, the more precise you can/will attempt to machine. Get in a habit of this and you only increase your skill.

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True, but he doesn't need the more accurate indicator. That product is probably made for industry where *insignificant* error can result in tens of thousands in penalties.

The standard .0005" made in China indicator will be fine. You'll probably also want a 1" travel plunge indicator ( in .001" grads) for general work. Very useful for accurately measuring distances.



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Robin S.

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Robin, True, and i'll agree that is all that is really required for most general work. I was simply suggesting that if the person has the ability to purchase the higher resolution indicator, they might wish to go that route. You can always machine more course than the indicator precision, but you can't machine more precise than your measuring ability :)

Very handy with a couple of different indicator bases on a lathe also, for accurate length cuts. A 2" (50 mm) indicator is also very handy for placement of grooves, and other machined features accurately along a shaft.

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