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This may be an old idea to some of the gun enthusiasts on this newsgroup, but the idea of using plastic ammunition boxes to organize tooling was a new inspiration to me. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and have seperators molded into them. They are inexpensive and available at the nearest sporting goods store.

This weekend, I discovered that boxes designed to hold larger sporting rifle cartridges were perfect for orgnizing my assortments of #1 morse taper drill drivers and a box designed for 12 gage shotgun shells nicely holds my supply of Airco cutting torch tips. A lot easier and neater than drilling 50 or 100 holes in a board.

I am busy searching for additional applications in my shop. Who knows, I may even take some ammunition out of the ratty paper boxes and put it in plastic boxes.


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A lot of my centerless grinder customers use them as shipping boxes for their work, and for core pins and sleeves in the mold industry. I use them for holding not only ammo but for carbide endmills and for keyway cutters. I have a lot of 3/8 and 1/2" cutters. the 45-70 cases work find for the 1/2" and some of the boxes depending on brand, work for 5/8 as well. I use 38-55 boxes for the 3/8" cutters


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Just don't get them cold, they WILL shatter. The same companies also make various sizes and shapes of boxes without the partitions, for dies and such. I use them a lot. HF carries a bunch of different types in the local store.

Usually, the best deals on plastic boxes are at the local gun shows, you can buy a dozen for 60% of the store price and no shipping.


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