Do I have OCD? Metal related

OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Doing a repair on a 1 Hp Dayton electric motor (metal related), thermally protected. Runs my cement mixer. This is the motor that got under water for about 5 months during heavy rains in my excavation.

Motor would not run. Removed it from the cement mixer, freed up the shaft with a pipe wrench, and then the motor ran.

Took it apart to install new bearings (BTW, only $6 ± for a pair !!) and clean up the corroded contacts on the starter switch cut-out.

COULDN'T STOP CLEANING !! This is where the OCD might come in. After cleaning the innards, I started chipping away at the splayed concrete on the outside. Why? I don't know. It's not going to run any better. It will again be splattered with concrete.

Looks wonderful and shiny, but set me back an extra 4-5 hours. Am I the only one that does this. BTW, when working on cars I can never bolt a part back on without thoroughly cleaning said part. Why is this.

At the age of 67 I am realizing that I have spent years of my life 'cleaning parts'.

Comments welcome.

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Ivan Vegvary
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Hey Ivan,

At Otis, we had a saying..."You Clean Up Your Problems", and it was quite true.

I even clean, or at least wipe off, stuff I'm gonna put in the garbage sometimes

For instance, today I decided to move some of the twenty-odd oil-cans I have on one bench. ( WTFDIHATF !!!) Every one I picked up, I cleaned off with varsol, then opened up and checked inside and cleaned that too if it needed it. Then I threw half away, and put 5 away in a carton for later. All clean. Only took three hours. And I still have five cans with only three kinds of oil on that bench. Shheeeeezzzz.

So I know what you mean, only I've not only done it for a living, I've done it three years longer than you !! Too late to change now !!!

Take care. Have fun.

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.

ps,,,,and taking the crap off the outside will help it run cooler.

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Brian Lawson

Cleaning what you are maintaining gives you a better look at the thing. I repair things that have tight tolerance mating surfaces so I have to clean.

Besides, a clean machine tells tales better than some nasty greasy oil and coolant covered blob of crap.

Hell, you are retired, you needed something to do anyway. Now the bonus question is what can you put on your motor to keep the concrete from sticking to it? I have no clue. Does a paste wax coating work?


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coolant covered

question is what

clue. Does

My favorite was always 'Turtle Wax' paste wax.

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Michael A. Terrell

I think you have lots of company. :-) ...lew...

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Lewis Hartswick

Ivan, I just bought an OLD cement mixer. One with the solid steel ring that goes all around the tub. The guy had another that was CNC punched out. This one is solid. I need a motor for it, though. What should I use? The tank is bigger than the ones at the Borg, but not that big. Do I need a reversible motor? What hp? Thermal protected, you say? Was going to go out and weld a couple of broken braces, and maybe put some soft tires on it. Right now, it has steel spoked wheels like an old wagon, only about 12" dia. or less. It's got class. Will post some pics when I start to work on it.


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Steve B

On Tue, 04 May 2010 19:43:52 -0600, Lewis Hartswick wrote the following:

If we asked, I think there would be many FEWER hands raised by people on RCM who did NOT exhibit this behavior.

Welcome to the club, Ivan. ;)

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Larry Jaques

No, you are "the new normal". Like the rest of us.

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