Do I need a 2nd regulator to connect my SIP welder to a Pub Gas supply?

I bought my SIP welder last year and went for the 'Gasless' model.

I always planned to try 'Gas' once I managed to source some CO2.

Well, my neighbour (who has contacts) has finally come up with the goods and given me a 'pub gas bottle' complete with regulator and guage.

Can I now connect the output of the regulator directly to the welder, or will the pressure be too high... Should I get a small regulator to go at the welder end, or do I just turn the tap on the bottle down until I get the right flow?

Other than wastage, is it possible to have too much gas when welding?

Any info on this would be appreciated


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It is possible to have too much gas when welding. Too much will cause air to mix with the gas.

You should be able to use the regulator that you have. The usual way it works is the regulator reduces the pressure to about 50 psi ( not sure what that is in metric ) and a fairly small orfice restricts the flow to the right amount.

One way to check the air flow is to use a plastic bag of known size and time how long it takes to fill the bag. Then convert to cu feet / minute or whatever units your instructions have.

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