Does this type of Grinder exist ?

I've been looking high and low for a Grinder / Disc Sander Combo. Why is this particular combination so hard to find ? I've seen Grinders with belt sander combo's and Grinders w/ Wet Stone wheels but never a Grinder with a Sanding Disc.

I won't be using the grinding stone much..(if at all) However, in place of the grinding stone, I will be using a combination of wire brushes and polishing attachements. Before I do the brushing and polishing, I need to smooth out my surfaces a bit using A 6" or larger (preferably 8' to 12") Sanding Disc. If figured it would be EASY to find such a unit...... Apparently not. Am I just looking in the wrong places ?

Has anyone ever seen such a beast ?


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You can buy a disc sanding attachment and put it on any grinder shaft or motor with a matching shaft diameter. Look for sanding disk here.

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I will likely buy one like that and put on one of my spare 3/4 HP or

1/2 HP motors. i
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Get a double ended arbor and mount whatever abrasive wheel/disk you want.

--Andy Asberry--


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Andy Asberry

I have a Craftsman Model 397.19340.

6" grinding wheel. 8" sanding disk.
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