Drill Bit Wingnut

Sorry if this is off subject.
I am looking for a drill but to screw and unscrew wingnuts onto a
Has anyone ever seen one? Where can I find one.
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Keith Marshall
Probably looks something like this?
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Now is the time to bring your friendly local lathe owner one small box of donuts and a sample wingnut.
While you are moving and cleaning some of her shop stuff, she can make these in a couple different sizes, if you ask nicely.
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If it happens to be for large pattern 1/4" wingnuts, then check anywhere that hurricane shutter accessories are sold.
I make my own by cutting a slot across an appropriately-sized cheap disposable 1/4" socket. Chuck it to the drill with a suitable adapter.
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Vaughn Simon
It would look much like the 3/8 drive socket designed to open the drain cock on an auto radiator. which I bought for Junior when his fingers proved to tender for the job. Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller
That is a good idea - a deep socket and just over the round hub size so it will keep centered.
I make some wood ones for my wife out of wood. Maple - drill a hole in the center of a 1.5x1.5 by 3" long stick. The hole matches the round part of the nut and I slot for the wings. She keeps a couple in her sewing kit - counted cross stitch.
The frames need to be clamped tight.
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Vaughn Sim>> Sorry if this is off subject.
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Martin H. Eastburn
Clamp some rubber or plastic hose on a shaft that fiits your drill, and slot the other end for the wingnut.
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Jim Wilkins

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