Drill Chuck Arbor -- Hardened?

I have a couple of nice MT 3 to JT2 taper arbors I would like to grind or machine down the Morse Taper side to to a 3/4" and/or 5/8" diameter straight shank. I want to use them to build a dividing head setup for use on the crossslide using my BXA boring bar holder. The JT2 taper fits the Jacob's chucks I have....

The arbors were free, hence the question. I know that buying a new arbor is probably the way to go, but it is some what difficult to find straight shank arbors.

Any advice on the machinability of the Morse taper shank? Anneal it? Grind it? Keep checking Ebay? Thanks for any help.


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Steve Koschamnn
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I can check with the person I have been buying stuff from to see if he has what you need. He is selling off his shop, I bought one chuck with a 1/2 shank and the other R8, I know he had more.

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Just try to mark it with a file. If you can mark it, you can probably machine it with HSS. Also you can consider using carbide as well. Most of them are soft as a rule.

Tough part is holding it, you will probably have to do it between centers to get it accurate.


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jim rozen

Usually soft.

Usually REALLY soft, in fact....

Can you scratch it with a file ???

Mount between centers and use a drive dog......

Or turn a scrap piece and leave that in the lathe chuck, then tighten the drill chuck on that and support the tail end of the adapter with your live center.

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I've been wondering if that tehcnique would be "kosher". I've got a Jacobs 20N on a MT3 shank (that I have scratched with a file) and I've thought about turning the shank to 3/4" straight. Nobody seems to offer a 5JT to 3/4" straight shank adapter "off the shelf".

Rex the Wrench


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Rex the Wrench

Hey, pal.....

The proof is in the pudding !!!

If the tool is useless to you "as is", what you gots to lose ???

The shank is generally regarded as a saftey fuse anyways, to protect the more expensive chuck.


"Kosher" ?.........LOL...............

Taint up to me, fer Chrissakes...

Just dont lose any body parts!!!

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How would we know.

YOU have the abors, right? A quick stroke with a file will tell you right away if they are too hard to cut with HSS tooling (the file will slide over it without cutting).

As they were free, it will cost you exactly that to try it out.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

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