Dump your CAM & get Cimatron

Geeze, stop all the complaining. I can't do this or it should do this or Mastercam should do this, Gibbs cam sucks(true), Solidcam is ok, or bla, bla bla. There is no perfect cam software. But Cimatron has been light years ahead of Mastercam for years. I started with MC ver3 stoped useing MC on ver9. I have a little experience on it. So I can say yes MC is the #`1 cam in the world, yes its the easist to learn, it can do most everything, but it is cumbersome. Cimatron IT13 (6yrs ago) could run circles around MC9. I've sat next to guys using MC9 while I used IT13 doing the same work (3D surfacing for injection molds) & just shook my head. Ive sat next to guys using Delcam& asked , what are you doing? jumping thu hoops? Gibbs cam, man I dont know why anyone would want it, unless its free?. So it will cost 15K for a legal seat Cimatron? Its not that easy to use. Old IT13 looked arckaic compared to all the pretty icons of other software at the time. You cant learn Cimatron by sitting down & pounding on it like MC. You will need training & then your problems will be over. Its too bad Cimatron did not market their product very well. ok back to the complaining now old ladies.

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