Dyna Mechtronics 4400 on single phase

Hi all,
I've been told and it looks to be true that the Dyna Mechtronics 4400
could be wired up as a single phase - 110 volt machine. So far it
looks like the only circuits that require 220 are the timer relay
system for the power on, and sometimes the lube system. I would think
it's probable that the spindle amp driver is also just because the dc
motor is 180 volts and all the amps I've seen run on 220 for that
voltage vs the 90 volt motors. Has anybody changed theirs over that
would be willing to provide a little more info on the subject. The
reason I'm asking is another owner and I are experiancing the same
problem with the spindle motor not turning on. Both of us are running
from rotory phase converters. He was told that these machines don't
like the phase converters, but he can't remember all the techy info on
the subject.
I'm very close to buying a dc drive and just wiring a switch so I can
get a working spindle to make stuff on - Lots of rc helicopter parts to
make... ; )
There is more info on the yahoo group for Dyna Mechtronics users.
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