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I have put up a Yahoo groups for Dyna Mechtronics support over 6 months ago
as a temp fix until I got a good server. I finally have done that and just
have put up my forum. Please tell me what you think.
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click on the forum link on the left side of the page.
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I'd like to get more use of my dyna 2400 mill. that little control is a pain to program. I did try programming it using a post that is now on bobcad's website, and it seemed to wrok ok. the operation is still a bit clumsy. a retrofit would be sweeet...
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Jon Grimm
I know Ah-ha has one, but looking mine over I'm going to switch it using the existing steppers on the unit and go though TurboCNC. I unhooked 1 axis and played with it using a Gecko Microstepper drive and it worked well. I could get it to repeat within about .0002" over 12" pretty easy. I'm sure with a little more work I can get it more accurate than that, but I could only get 20ipm in microstep mode. Faster than I usually mill unless I'm 3ding. Russ
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