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A pawn shop near me has an electric jackhammer, a Wacker brand that is IIRC a subsidiary of Caterpillar. The unit is about $1700 new. It has a cart, and three bits. Looks lightly used. He wants $600 and won't move. I offered him three, and if he has it tomorrow, I'll offer him four.

Anyone know what these usually sell for used?


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If it's like the Bosch, I've never seen one for $600. Lightly used, it sounds like a good deal. Of course, I would do a Google search and see if any info is out there.

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I have only tried the Bosh, and not the one you are looking at, but after years of occasionally using air powered jackhammers, I found the Bosh entirely too wimpy to bother with.


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Vaughn Simon

Depends what you're doing with them. For tasks like breaking up a bathroom tile floor / mud bed they are entirely satisfactory and an air powered one with a diesel compressor parked outside would be rather absurd.

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Pete C.

Wacker makes great tools, though I didn't know they made and have not used their electric jackhammer.

I own the Bosch. I don't think you would ever touch one for $500 assuming it did still run. One of my guys dropped mine, cracked the handle. Handle was $15, decided to put in an O ring kit ($55). Can't tell you it looks like a new one, but hits like a new one.

Be very aware, these things don't hit like air driven hammers, but are much cleaner and quieter. If you're breaking out the driveway, get air. If you changing a bit of plumbing or cannot have the dust, use the electric.

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