Emco Repair

Is anyone able to, or knows someone who is able to, repair EMCO CNC
machines? I am having an issue with one of my machines (it is the
strangest issue) and I think someone needs to repair something.
However, Emco wants to charge me hundreds of $ just to CALL them,
before they even send someone here.
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There is a Yahoo group that is very helpful on the small Emco machines.
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Advertise your need on Craig's List. You may find a very skilled electrician locally. We're out there.
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N Morrison
Which EMCO machine?
What is it doing (or not doing)?
The only one which I know anything about is the Compact-5/CNC. (And a tiny bit about the F2 milling machine, which uses the same controller board.)
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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