Enco Sales flyers

Do you mean via email or snail mail? Just got one today via email.
"Free Shipping + Save up to 56% with New Web Deals"
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================== Its been a while since I ordered but I still get the flyers every month. Sign up for the special sales notices by email for special shipping offers.
flyers are on line
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F. George McDuffee
I received the Sept 2011 one without having bought from them in probably a year.
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Jim Wilkins
I'm not on Enco's list, but they are owned by MSC (and have been for a few years now), and for a while I stopped getting the flyers from MSC. I mentioned it several times when making orders, and as far as they could tell, they were being sent out to me, so the suspicion is that they were being discarded -- or saved -- by someone in the postal system. For about the past six months, the flow has resumed, so whoever in the chain was diverting them must be handling someone else's mail -- or have been forcibly retired. :-)
When you make your orders (assuming that you do so by phone) ask them about it just to be sure.
I'm sure that if they are paying postage (as well as printing costs) to send them to you, they would like to know if they are not getting through.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
I last purchased a whopping $26 worth a couple years ago and Enco catalogs come like clockwork to me. I need some more billdrits so it's time for another order. I need to stock more refills for my Snappy holders. I tend to break the smaller sizes in the field.
Weird. Speakin of diversions, this pretty little lady was jailed for cussing out the 911 operator who didn't send an ambulance.
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Oops, wrong one.
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Here it is.
Excellent idea.
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Larry Jaques
I haven't seen one for 3 or 4 months. Anyone
else stop getting them? I've made plenty of
orders the last year.
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Jim Stewart
Same here. I order from them a couple times a year typically.
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Pete C.

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