English wheel PLANS FREE !!!!!!!

I am looking for plans on a English Wheeel....

FREE of course

Anyone out there want to help ?????

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Both sites will have pictures, drawings, discussions, you name it. Not sure that you will find a complete set of plans that you could simply follow exactly. Most people seem to take ideas from various people, look at the material they have available in their shop, and then start building. I was just watching a discussion of what kind of threaded rod is best for an adjuster, and how to keep the slack out of the system.

Lots of different designs get built. How big a wheel do you want? 24" throat? 40 inch throat? The bigger the throat, the harder it is to make the frame stiff enough to work well. If you use big enough tubing, you can certainly make the frame as stiff as you want.


Jas> I am looking for plans on a English Wheeel....

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Richard Ferguson

You get what you pay for

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"Jason" wrote in news:GdidnVQurZnXy1_cRVn- snipped-for-privacy@bright.net:

Buy a 6 or 8" cast semi-steel ballbearing non-swivel caster. Attach it to the bottom of the main beam of your house. Buy a column jack, and set it immediately below the caster. You will probably need to weld on feet and add concrete anchors to keep it upright. Weld a bracket out of angle iron to hold a set of English wheel rollers off of eBay. Ta-da, you just got your free plan.

You obviously haven't tried Google yet, the first hit I got for "English Wheel" had free plans...

--Glenn Lyford

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Glenn Lyford

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On the bottom of the page, is a massive English wheel. - well it is large anyway.

Pictures - and English wheel(s) for sale.


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Martin H. Eastburn

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