European metalworking photos

Just got back from a couple of weeks in France and Spain. There is no shortage of fabulous metalworking over there. I'm no pro photographer but here are some shots I took. They were automatically assembled by a tool I have just acquired called "Photoshop Elements" so the Web page looks a little canned.

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Enjoy .. Grant

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Grant Erwin
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Welcome back - nice shots.

Nice trip it was so it looks like.


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Hey Grant,

Nice pictures.

I would have asked this privately, but can't get your email address right. I'd appreciate a full pixel version of your first picture ChurchDoor. My email address is above.

Thanks, Steve Smith

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Steve Smith


Thanks for sharing your photos, they are wonderful! As an aside, I especially enjoyed the nomenclature: It appears that what they call "grills", we call "burglar bars." (g)

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Tom Stovall

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