Even long-term dole-scrounging parasites in Taft should be able to find work now!

California?s unemployment rate falls to record low
By Kathleen Pender | January 19, 2018
Thanks to stronger-than-expected job growth, California?s unemployment
rate dropped to 4.3 percent in December, a record low since 1976 when
the state started tracking data consistently.
That represents a significant drop from 4.6 percent in November and 5.2
percent in December last year, the Employment Development Department
said in a press release. The U.S. rate in December was 4.1 percent.
(These rates are seasonally adjusted.)
California added 52,700 nonfarm payroll jobs in December alone, a
surprisingly strong number that accounted for more than one-third of the
148,000 jobs created nationally in December, said Scott Anderson, chief
economist with Bank of the West.
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52,700 non-farm payroll jobs in ONE MONTH! Yet, Wieber continues to
scrounge, all the while pissing and moaning about the "real" - that is,
fake and imaginary - unemployment rate, and lie about the "Democrat"
[sic] destruction of the economy.
What a fucking chump!
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Mark Wieber
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There are *hundreds* of machine repair jobs available in California. I found one, in Santa Maria, that states the pay as $32 per hour! That is more than double the Taft dole-scrounger's *effective* hourly wage over the last several years (the "$75/hour" bullshit is pure fiction).
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Will the dole-scrounging deadbeat look into it? Nah, not a fucking chance. Hell, Santa Maria is on the coast where these sailboat tubs might actually be of some use to him
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Mark Wieber
Hard to imagine what kind of employer would knowingly hire a lifelong deadbeat. They don't even need to do a credit check, a simple Google search would quickly tell the tale.
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"If you know that a credit check is going to turn up some questionable
asks your permission to run the check, you should explain as succinctly and honestly as possible what they may find,"
Imagine Wieber trying to spin nearly 40 years of liens.
"and what you have done to rectify the situation."
No matter for Wieber anyway. He's instantly disqualified due to his lousy work history and all the online death threats. He should write an e-book on dole scrounging and subsistence living. Then he could put his skip-tracing skills to work chasing down all the bad checks from his target market of fellow deadbeats.
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