Ever have one of those flat tires.....

Worked over late Sunday at a job in So Cal, and headed home about 5pm.
I was on the 5 freeway..just at the 710 interchange and there was a
sudden BOOM!! and dust and shit blew up all around me. The van
started to sway and shudder as I eased it off the road to a very
narrow shoulder and got out to look what had happened.
The new (< 2000 miles) tire Id installed a couple weeks ago..had shed
the entire steel belt, beat the fuck out of my wheel well..ripped out
the plastic liner, tore out all the computer wiring, launched the
headlight out into 5 lanes of traffic (which lodged under a car in
another lane) and killed ALL the electrical to the vehicle instantly.
I had to have the van towed the 90+ miles to my front door and I
arrived about 10pm.
So today..Ive got to figure out what needs to be spliced back
together, what can be pieced back together by getting harness parts
from the wrecking yard..unwrapping wiring from the front
axle..install another drivers side headlight assembly from said
wrecking yard and so on and so forth. And putting the fender back in
Ive NEVER seen this sort of thing happen before.
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More photos today after the sun comes up
That photo was taken on the shoulder..too much traffic to walk out in
the lane and shoot a couple photos..
Thank Crom I was only doing about 50ish..if Id been up to 70+...I may
not have been able to control it.
Ive had a number of flat tires in my 50 yrs of driving..but never one
that has done this much damage before. Daaayaam!!
The people I bought that tire from..are going to be getting a visit as
One of the problems..the power windows are down about 4 inches..and
being electrically dead..cant get em back up. So Im having to go out
and check it periodically, because of all the homeless thieves running
the street. Grrrrr again.
I just chased the crazy mexican who lives across the street away from
it. Him I may have to 3S one of these days..unfortunately he is
fucking bug nuts..big as a bus and agressive.
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Gunner Asch
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Happens all the time. Usually to people who don't notice they're driving on a low tire. Too bad you didn't buy a TPM setup. Would have been a better investment than machetes, etc.
If you had road hazard insurance, you'll get a new tire. If you stomp your feet and scream enough about all the other damage, they may give you a coffee mug or a cap or something with their name on it.
Another day in conservative paradise. Today, like so many other days, you wrote another death wish. "It will kill most of them. Which is a very good thing" Have you ever wondered about karma, and your wishing death on so many people?
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George Schmid
I've had trailer tires come apart like that and do a lot of damage including shredding fiberglass fenders or bending up the edges of sheet metal fenders. I've personally never had that much damage from a car or truck tires, but my dad had a Michelin come apart and do a lot of damage to his Bronco like that once. Destroyed the fender well and ripped out the gas filler.
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Bob La Londe
Must be fun working out on the street. Too bad you don't have a nice shop like we do here at the insane asylum and in my mom's basement.
Will you be sleeping in that junker van tonight so you can fend off your wonderful conservative neighbors you've bragged about?
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Kentucky Avenue
About a decade, so far, tough guy. Why pretend you'll do tomorrow what you can pretend to do today?
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Kentucky Avenue
Were they michelins? they are known for this if they are too old Check the date code on the other tires and if they are over 4 yrs old get rid of them. regaurdless of how much tread they have or how good they look Allso check the sidewalls for a direction of rotation arrow---some tires do not like running backwards
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Clean it out so there is nothing left to steal unless you want to leave somthing for bait It is going to be out of service for a while Hook jumpers to the window relay to get the windows up
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Jim Wilkins
Better idea is to let the Mexican dude believe that you have welded in pockets of drugs in it. When he steals and totally annihilates it. Collect the insurance and boogey on.
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You think Wieber has insurance for that? That's hilarious. Maybe you're thinking there's some form of Obamacare for cars?
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Kentucky Avenue
Nope. Nobody checks tires that often. That's why TPM systems are such a good investment. I even have it on my bike. Check it on my phone before every ride.
Just check your credit card statements.
New ones need air, same as used ones.
No biggee. You still found time to make some death wishes and threats.
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Kentucky Avenue

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