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My suspenders are failing. And I'd like to buy some new bib overalls. They are the most comfortable clothing for the shop that I can think of. Bibs first, suspendered pants second.

My Craftsman suspenders need replacing after faithful service. What's a good brand without spending a lot of money on something that will fail soon?

My bibs are Craftsman, except the cold weather gear, which is Carhart.

And what are some good stores that carry these?



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Steve B
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Why does a grown man wear stockings in the workshop?

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Why are people so cruel

--Translation for '2 great nations separated by a common language': suspenders = braces. :-)

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Surely he'd go to a dentist to get his teeth fixed?

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Why are people so cruel

I buy camo overalls on sale after the hunting season. The material is softer and more comfortable than that of work clothes, though less snag resistant than denim overhauls.


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Jim Wilkins

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