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Hello there.
I'm wondering why no mainstream producer has thought of collecting all
the bits and pieces from their releases into one or two large sprues
and packaged them as spares for people who like kitbashing. Sometimes
you have the choice of spinner and prop, but most of the times early
and late versions are sold separately and when a model is finished
you're left with empty sprues.
Even worse, sometimes only one version of the plane is kitted, and it's
up to the expensive aftermarket parts to fill the void.
Some parts such as props, exhausts and wheels are surely common among
planes using the same engine, or from the same manufacturer.
I think that once the master is carved, there is no additional expense
regarding the number of molds that are made with it, apart from the raw
material, and I'd love to see the running channels shaped into u/c legs
or prop blades. (Okay, that would probably lead to problems with the
melted plastic flowing through them).
What do you think?
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Nice idea that I'd like to see as well. But AMT did something similar years ago (early 1960s?) in that they released sprues of chrome parts for their 1:25 model cars, spare engines and trannies, "display" stuff (scale tape decks, trophies, stuffed animals - things that would enhance the model in a diorama-display). They even came out with a couple of 1:25 scale motorcycles that were stand-alone models in their own right. It lasted a couple of years and folded because of "lack of interest" Those sprues still intact and still in their window boxes are going for moderate dollars now. When I think of all of those that I bought.......
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Old Timer
I am in search of one or two of those AMT sets that had Allison engines. Anyone got any they want to sell?
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Don Stauffer
I remember the sets, especially the motorcycles. They were a real bitch to build! Chrome plated so every mated part had to be carefully sanded to bare plastic. The results were nce, though. Didn't hold together for long, probably due to my budding modeling talents.
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I only ever encountered one set and that was one of the originals - the grille and bumper set. BTW, the DeSoto grille does not fit the '57 Chrysler 300. Rats......
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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I was told once that, although a number of sprues were produced, shipment of any particular one to any part of the country was kind of spotty. Here in Western New York, we had some of the motorcycles, lakes pipes, dragster frames, and a couple of engine kits. I seem to remember a sheet of drag-racing decals, mostly sponser logos like "Air Lift", "Champion" and that wierd Woody Woodpecker head as well. I never saw that aforementioned Allison engine (would have loved that one, we used an Allison as a generator motor in the local highway barn and I know the mechanic would have flipped over a model of it!) Is there a list of just what AMT prodiced back then?
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Old Timer

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