Buy something May 1st

If you've been needing an excuse to buy some model railroading
merchandise (or anything for that matter), consider Monday, May 1st as
the day to do it.
Don't know how common a story this is across the States but the south
west is expected to see another protest by illegal aliens and their
supporters that day. Their plan is to stay home from work, school, and
do no financial business that day in an attempt to hurt the economy and
send a hostile message to Americans to give in to their demands.
Just as Mexican radio stations are a rally point for these protests,
conservative radio talk shows (mostly local) have been a good source for
counterprotest organizing: wide scale plans for Americans are to make
big purchases that day, fly the U.S. flag (home and auto), and buy
nothing made in Mexico. Some are also keeping track of what businesses
willingly close that day to let their workers join the protest. These
will be listed on websites and permanently boycotted.
It's going to be an interesting day. Think I'll start early and go put
my new flag up today. :)
~Brad H.
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I don't see what he said as hate-mongering. ILLEGAL people DEMANDING their RIGHTS? I have absolutely nothing against immigration and support a guest worker program, but ILLEGALS DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO ANYTHING!
What part of ILLEGAL don't you understand?
Sorry, not railroad material, but when someone calls someone a hate-monger for expressing an opinion against ILLEGALS, then I must chime in.
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I was surprised to hear Rush Limbaugh was supporting the boycott. At least, he's not going to be buying any more oxycontin Monday. Or is he?
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Steve Caple
my new flag up today. :)< Which flag ? It's seems a whole group of people seem to forget what country and under what flag they live! But then I remember the history books and there was a time the US flag flew over Mexico City. Maybe they are just getting even .
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Jon Miller
Exactly! I'm a legal immigrant and had to fight and pay my way through to be what I am today. I have NO problem with someone wanting a better life. More power to them. But don't make ME pay for it.
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Too bad the real crooks never make it to the mainline where they would be in danger of getting what they've done to us for so long. Why isn't Duke Cunningham in someplace like Atwater (where people who have stolen much smaller sums end up) instead of a country club like Butner Low (in North Carolina)?
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Steve Caple
Well, ok so they are illegal. Hmmm, do you think that our .gov knows this AND they are going to all be gathered together in different locations across the country. Hmmm, can ye say 'round-up'?
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That thought crossed my mind.
It would be a very efficient manner in which to operate. But as it's government, it's highly unlikely that is what the plan is .
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Brian Smith
Maybe and this is just a radical thought, the employers who promote thi
black market workforce should be the ones that are targeted in an clampdown. You can't blame a man for wanting to work (albeit illegally to feed his family, you can blame an employer for exploiting tha illegality to pay the man less than minimum thereby increasing hi profits though
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Agreed. "RRGrandad" was way off base. Rewarding people for breaking the law is an insult to all the immigrants who went through the legal process to get here.
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Larry Blanchard
to feed his family, you can blame an employer for exploiting that illegality to pay the man less than minimum thereby increasing his profits though.< That's why one of the bills made it a felony for both worker and _employer_. You know what happen to that!
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Jon Miller
I am partly of Cherokee discent. From where I sit, nearly all the people in the United States are here illegally.
Seal the borders? Don't make me laugh. We can't even keep drugs out of prisons.
The influx of mostly hard working folks from Latin America is caused by you and me and everyone else who demands cheap goods and services. When we are comfortable paying $10 for a head of lettuce harvested by an Anglo-Saxon high school graduate, then maybe we can do something about immigration. Until we get there, it won't stop and we might as well get used to it.
Best Regards,
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Dave --
It seems that you know zero or less about agricultural economics.
A head of iceberg lettuce selling for $ 0.99 in your local Safeway has a labor / picking cost of about 4 %. Or $0.04. Thats for labor that pretty much gets minimum wage. $ 5.15 for stuff picked in either California or Arizona.
Double the pay for picking. $ 10.30 per hour. The head of lettuce goes up four cents.
Triple the wage for picking. $ 15.45 per hour. The head of lettuce goes up twelve whole cents.
Ten dollar head of lettuce?
Yeah, right.
Try not to let the facts get in the way of your political argument.
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Jim McLaughlin
much gets minimum wage. $ 5.15 for stuff picked in either California or Arizona.< Actually we import a lot of ground grown stuff from Mexico. Never checked to see what and when. That stuff would be at current picked rates in Mexico which I assure you is not 5 bucks an hour.
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Jon Miller
It seems you may be equally remiss in your study of commercial economics: if the cost goes up 12 cents, after all the middle-men take their markup and everybody decries the high cost of labor and decides to cash in on the opportunity to blame the UFW while scamming the rubes, the price goes up at least a dollar!
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Steve Caple
Even though you are not, suppose you're correct Steve. Its still not $ 10.00 a head for lettuce. Facts actually count.
You'll find that fuel and energy costs will mean far greater price increases for foods than tripling the ags in the fields will.
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Jim McLaughlin

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