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Ed made it famous, but I seem to remember he said that he picked it up at SWW.

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Dale Dunn
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The original idea came from a presentation by Jason Pancoast at SldWks World some years ago

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Andrew Troup

More like Keith Pederson. I'm sure Jason is just showing a technique that Pederson came up with. Pederson is truly in another league altogether.

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I picked it up at SWx World in 2002. As I recall, it was presented as a one-off solution for a single filleting problem, but I went nuts when I saw that it applied to all sorts of problems that I was running into. That little oddball tip paid for that trip.

I am pretty sure I gave credit on each and every slide where Atomic bomb fillets were presented - I think there is a line at the bottom that says 'technique stolen wholesale from Jason Pancoast' (cn't be any clearer thatn that!), though I know that Jason got it from Keith Pederson. I may be a crook, but I am an honest one.


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