re. 21st Century Models or something to that effect?

Was in my local hobby shop in San Diego today and saw these beautiful metal
recreations of a Stuka and an FW-190D. I think the name was 21st Century
Models made in China. Does anybody know who carries these models? Thanks,
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are you sure they were metal? 21st Century makes 1/24 and 1/18 plastic planes - great for the garage ceiling! i have around 12. a google search for 1/24, 21st century should find a few dealers.
21st Century Toys, Big Boy Toys I think is it, they are in Florida. google is where I found my sources. a 1/18 TBF Avenger is coming out soon!
jimbol51 wrote:
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Sure they aren't 1/32 instead of 1/24 in addition to the 1/18?
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