Fazzio's Steel Service Center in NJ

This past Wednesday I, along with other members of the NJ Logan Lathe Yahoo Group, visited Fazzio's Steel Service Center and Cook's Used Machinery in Glassboro NJ.

Took the usual pictures and posted them at

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Maybe folks near that area who are not familiar with these companies will find the information of interest.

If you are not near there you will just have to be jealous.

Our two group members who are Australian didn't attend. Can't imagine why not. They live in VERY southern NJ I recon.

Regards to all,

Errol Groff

Instructor, Machine Tool Department H.H. Ellis Regional Technical School Danielson, CT 06239

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Hey Errol,

Very nice. Thank you. I've seen a few of these guys at NAMES over the years, although I don't think I ever "met" any of them. Both of your stops and lunch looked like great places to visits. Famous Daves is good for the next one. Aren't field trips a great day out?!?! Lots of fun and interesting stuff, even if it's just to visit another guys shop. Photos are probably the next best way to do it.

Now, for the "No-More-OT/Politics" guys........ if you were to post a whole lot of stuff like this, and then ask a few questions, Gunner and his friends/adversaries and others just might have something to interest them more of the time than the OTpolitics>>name-calling>death-threats that we're getting , or at least spend more of their time answering and commenting than the other stuff. What's that old saying..."Best defense is a good offense".

Thanks again Errol. Nice to put a face to the guys here.

Take care.

Brian Laws>This past Wednesday I, along with other members of the NJ Logan Lathe

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Brian Lawson

I haven't been to Cook's, but I can sure vouch for Joseph Fazzio's. The photos hardly do it justice. To do it justice you'd need to start with an aerial shot from a couple hundred feet up, showing the yard full of heavy machinery, the many bays of metals and equipment, the roadways paved with steel plates, etc. Then you could zoom in a little to show the various buildings, the pallets of metal plate, tube and other forms. Mind boggling.

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Bruce Freeman

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